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Simply the Best in Toenail Fungus Treatment

Q: How long does the nail laser procedure take?
A:  Approximately 1-1½ minutes per nail.

Q:  Is the nail laser treatment painful?
A:  Most people feel a warming of the nail.  There is often very little or no pain.

Q:  How many toenail laser treatments are required?
A:  This is an ongoing debate because no large studies have been performed to determine this.  This really depends on the severity of the infection.  The ClearChoice nail laser has shown significant improvement with a single treatment in mild to moderate infections.  Because this is uncertain, we guarantee at least two treatments.  Severely infected toenails likely require three treatments to fully eradicate the problem.  

Q: Will I see an immediate change?
A:  No.  The fungus causes damage to the nail which needs to grow out.  This can take several months.  Studies did show the following statistic at 3 months:  
  • 10% had greater than 76% improvement
  • 55% had greater than 51% improvement
  • 85% had greater than 26% improvement
  • 100% had greater than 6% improvement
This is significant as oral medication does not even come close to this efficacy.  We do see continued clearing in time with most nails completely cleared at 9-12 months.

Q: Is this a permanent cure?
A: No.  Just like taking an antibiotic does not permanently prevent infection, the nail lasers cannot permanently prevent the toenail from getting reinfected.  Because of this, the nail lasers are FDA approved for temporary clearing.  Most see excellent results for a few years, with some never experiencing a reinfection.  We do recommend using antifungal sprays for shoes to help prevent recurrence.

Q:  Does insurance cover toenail laser treatment?
A:  Unfortunately no.  This has been an ongoing fight with insurance companies.  Despite the potential problems associated with fungal nails, insurance companies continue to view this as a cosmetic problem.